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Wave Bottle-Free® Water Cooler

A high-performance, bottleless water cooler to match work productivity.

The Culligan Wave Bottle-Free® Water Cooler upholds the highest standards for water distribution. With a stunning stainless steel, Italian design and state-of-the-art technology, it delivers quality hydration on demand to the entire office.

  • Custom water filtration options
  • Ice bank cooling technology
  • Countertop or free-standing

The Culligan Wave Bottle-Free® Water Cooler is designed to ensure:

  • Custom Water Filtration - Not only can you choose the type of water you want to dispense, you can also customize your water filtration solution by choosing from the Sediment, Carbon, Reverse Osmosis and Total Defense Filters.
  • Versatility - Culligan Wave Bottle-Free® Water Coolers can dispense 16 gallons of cold water per hour and the Culligan Wave Hot version dispenses two gallons of hot water per hour at the perfect temperature (185°F). Aside from functionality, the modern design can also be paired with a sleek stainless-steel cabinet and inner brackets for mounting filters and the CO2 cylinder.
  • Ice Bank Cooling Technology - High-end professional cooling technology ensures highest level of cooling performance.

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